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RE: Openldap upgrade/migration

Thanks Quanah for a quick reply.

The old LINUX 6.2 server running openldap 1.2 is not operational, but
all the old files (/etc/openldap, /usr/share/openldap (database) are
available on a new LINUX server running Red hat Enterprise Linux 4. How
can I export openldap data from old files sitting on this new Linux
server.? I believe the slapcat command is only recognizes openldap 2.x

Is there any other way of exporting data from old openldap 1.2 version
data files using a latest version of openldap tools.

Please advice.




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> Please respond.

The method for moving from one version of OpenLDAP to another (and this
pretty consistent with all directory servers) is to use LDIF.  In
you'd generate the LDIF file for export from your old server using the 
slapcat command.  Since you no longer have a running server, I'm not
sure how you expect to proceed on any of this.  I wish you luck.



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