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Re: Openldap upgrade/migration

"Ravi Rajasekharuni" <ravi.rajasekharuni@au.issworld.com> writes:

> Thanks Quanah for a quick reply.
> The old LINUX 6.2 server running openldap 1.2 is not operational, but
> all the old files (/etc/openldap, /usr/share/openldap (database) are
> available on a new LINUX server running Red hat Enterprise Linux 4. How
> can I export openldap data from old files sitting on this new Linux
> server.? I believe the slapcat command is only recognizes openldap 2.x
> databases.
> Is there any other way of exporting data from old openldap 1.2 version
> data files using a latest version of openldap tools.

You could try the tool ldbmcat which reads entries from id2entry.dbb. 


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