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Re: slapd high CPU usage

Angie Cao wrote:
> I had an eq index set on the entryCSN.
> Weird part is since syslogd will be very busy at logging slapd (even
> using more cpu than slapd itself) with "loglevel -1" in slapd.conf, so
> I run "slapd -d127 -u ldap -h ldap:/// ldaps:///" trying to log more
> info, it works like a charm!

Instead of just **trying** to log more info, why don't you just read the
man page and learn what loglevels mean?  First of all, since OpenLDAP
2.3 you can specify user-friendly names for what you want to log.
Second, the value of the log level is a bitmask, and 127 corresponds to
1+2+4+8+16+32+64, namely "trace,packets,args,conns,ber,filter,config";
are you sure you need all of them?  Are you sure you don't need, say,
"stats", which is perhaps the only loglevel worth when at a loss, to
spot where one needs to look deeper into?


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