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Re: slapd high CPU usage

I had an eq index set on the entryCSN.
Weird part is since syslogd will be very busy at logging slapd (even
using more cpu than slapd itself) with "loglevel -1" in slapd.conf, so
I run "slapd -d127 -u ldap -h ldap:/// ldaps:///" trying to log more
info, it works like a charm!

Any ideas?


On 10/16/07, Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu> wrote:
> If you're not sure if those logs are related, perhaps you should run
> "date" when things get slow and find the relevant debug logs that way?
> I didn't see any smoking gun in what you posted, but since you're posting
> about "slow" with a log describing filter processing I'd look into
> unindexed searches. You're using syncrepl, so hopefully you read in the
> slapo-syncprov man page
> >     On databases that support inequality indexing, it is helpful
> >     to set an eq index on the entryCSN attribute when using this
> >     overlay.
> and followed that advice? If you added indices, did you run slapindex
> after stopping slapd? Look for messages along the lines of
> <= bdb_equality_candidates: (FOO) not indexed
> in your logs.