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Re: SyncREPL generates high traffic to calculate delta

Another topic about syncrepl : When the Pivot is stopped longer than the
interval setting, and restarted, i need to restart the Slave because it
doesn't retry connection on the Pivot ? And also, it doesn't use the
retry setting.
slapd logs the following error:
Oct 16 11:14:26 oldap-sol10 sym[28092]: [ID 187570 local4.debug]
do_syncrep1: rid 002 ldap_sasl_bind_s failed (-1)

Is that logged despite the fact that the provider is up? Or is your point that that's the last thing that's logged once the provider goes down?

What's your syncrepl config stanza look like on that ("oldap-sol10") consumer? (Clean out credentials before posting...)