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SyncREPL generates high traffic to calculate delta

Hi all,

I have the following configuration, in OpenLDAP 2.3.32 (i know i have to
upgrade to 2.3.38):
Master -> Pivot -> Slave on 3 different servers. SyncRepl replicates in
RefreshOnly mode, a sub-tree.

When i dump the TLS traffic during a replication of a add or delete
operation, i have around 6000 TCP packets between Master and Pivot, and
only 40 packets between Pivot and Slave. My sub-tree contains 5500
entries. So, i concluded that Pivot SyncRepl ask the entire sub-tree.
Is it a known problem ? Does it come from the configuration ?

Another topic about syncrepl : When the Pivot is stopped longer than the
interval setting, and restarted, i need to restart the Slave because it
doesn't retry connection on the Pivot ? And also, it doesn't use the
retry setting.
slapd logs the following error:
Oct 16 11:14:26 oldap-sol10 sym[28092]: [ID 187570 local4.debug]
do_syncrep1: rid 002 ldap_sasl_bind_s failed (-1)

Is it a known problem ?

Rgds, Bruno.