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Re: lCould not parse line... slapadd

Naufal Sheikh wrote:
> Ok I tried again running the slapadd with the original ldap file with
> -d and here it goes:
> # id=00000008
> dn: uid=djdaley,o=trac
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: person
> objectClass: organizationalPerson
> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
> objectClass: tracperson
> cn: Douglas Daley
> uid: djdaley
> userPassword:: e1NIQX1UVnZKa1FVbDgxM1ltMEE4WjQ4Yk8veFZmM0E9
> clearpassword: 2915
> givenName: Douglas
> middlename: J
> sn: Daley
> clientorg: SUNY ESF
> affiliation: educator
> l: Syracuse
> st: NY
> postalCode: 13210
> regsite: IRS
> regdate: 25MAR97:13:28:40
> regip: athena.esf.edu
> mailPreferenceOption: 2
> modifiersName: cn=nsadmin
> modifyTimestamp: 20000320195137Z
> structuralObjectClass: tracperson
> entryUUI>>> dnPrettyNormal: <uid=nsadmin,o=trac>
> <<< dnPrettyNormal: <uid=nsadmin,o=trac>, <uid=nsadmin,o=trac>
> str2entry: invalid value for attribute objectClass (syntax
> slapadd: could not parse entry (line=1313)
> slapadd shutdown: initiated
> ====> bdb_cache_release_all
> slapadd shutdown: freeing system resources.

There's an invalid value of the objectClass attribute; assuming you
loaded the standard schema files distributed with OpenLDAP (in this
case, core.schema and inetorgperson.schema); the only unusual value is
"tracperson".  I infer it is a custom class; is it defined anywhere in
your slapd.conf(5)?  If it's not, you need to define it according to
slapd.conf(5) (and Section 4.1.1 of RFC4512).  The same is needed for
all opbjectClasses and attributes used in your LDIF that are not already
defined in the standard schema.  One way to proceed consists in:

- getting the schema from the DSA you got the LDIF from (e.g. ldapsearch
the subschemaSubentry for objectClasses attributetypes);

- sanitize it (namely: remove those definitions that are already present
in OpenLDAP, and modify the remaining to make sure they comply with
specifications; in many cases I've seen implementations with incorrect
matching rules, or missing OIDs, or invalid inheritance chains, and
things like that)

- load it into your slapd.conf(5)

It sounds like a pain (and it is) but it will eventually pay back in
terms of data consistency.


Ing. Pierangelo Masarati
OpenLDAP Core Team

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