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lCould not parse line... slapadd


I am trying to import an ldiff file while I created using slapcat on another server. Now when I try to use slapadd to import the ldiff file to my new server, I am getting an error for a last line in the ldiff file i.e. could not parse entry line:1333...
The entry on that line is something about "Timestamp" . Previously during the trial I did get the could not parse entry but I figured out that those were because of the whitespaces(emptylines) in the ldiff file, so I removed all of those, but now its is the last line which is not getting parsed by slapadd. I tried having one white space (one empty line) after the last line and with no empty line and ending the file at the last line, but to no avail.

Can any one please point me to the right direction??

Thanks & Regards