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Re: lCould not parse line... slapadd

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Naufal Sheikh skrev, on 12-10-2007 19:02:
>>>> Sorry for late reply, got stuck. Following is the error message I am
>>> getting.
>>>> slapadd: could not parse entry (line=1344465)
>>>> line 134465 is the last line in the ldiff file and it says:
>>>> modifyTimestamp: 20070927152001Z
>>> slapadd up to OpenLDAP 2.3 misleadingly reports the last line of an
>>> entry for parse errors occurring anywhere within that entry.  Please
>>> post the whole entry.
> You have to go back to your original post: "The entry on that line is
> something about "Timestamp" . Previously during the trial I did get the
> could not parse entry but I figured out that those were because of the
> whitespaces(emptylines) in the ldiff file, so I removed all of those"
> and undo that.
> "whitespaces(emptylines)" between each record in an ldif file are
> necessary, otherwise you have a useless ldif file. Your problem is with
> ACLs. The rootdn should be doing this modify.

Yes, I initially missed that point, but later we clarified it, and I
think he restored them.  In fact, he's now getting a different error.
It seems that he's facing with the Well Known Migrating From
SunOne/iPlanet/whatever to OpenLDAP (WKMFSO, (C)) problem.  I can tell
my awk scripts for this purpose are becoming way and way refined, and
I'm happy about that because it means more and more people are migrating ;).


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