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RE: connection hangup -inference and solution?


Hello tony,

I am sorry , I did not get your question .. because , db did not get corrupted for the case I explained, server got hungup






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Arunachalam Parthasarathy skrev, on 16-09-2007 10:35:


> I am using openldap 2.3.36 and bdb 4.5.20


Ok stuff. Updating OL will likely not help in this particular case.


> I am using delta syncrepl for synchronization and the configuration

> files are same as the examples provided in the test folder of package

> (for master and slave)


> I started the master and added some entries (I had already some 50,000

> entries)


> I started the slave and it was synchronizing.


> When I stopped the slave and client which was adding entries, in the

> master *I am getting connection hangup on a descriptor and the master is

> not responding to any client which are searching*


> *Can I know , why it is happening, and whats the way to get rid of this

> problem*


Been watching the thread for a couple or three of revs, but nowhere did

anyone match my experience with the same empirical experience.


In my case(s) it was caused by a corrupt (patched) 4.2.52 changelog DB.

Deleting the log after a stop slapd then restarting (so that the DB

automatically got rebuilt) fixed it. Runnings a (Buchan-adapted)

db_recover -c had had no effect at any stage.


Why the DB should have got corrupt in the first case, I can only

surmise. DB_CONFIG in that directory was reasonable, but consumers *did*

disappear for periods, due to system upgrade reboots before this occurred.


Systems were RHEL5 and FC6, OL versions were 2.3.37 and 2.3.38.





Tony Earnshaw

Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl