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RE: connection hangup -inference and solution?

Hello Quanah,

I didn’t ran the ldap server under gdb , I ll do it with gdb for this same case and let you know,

But during this daemon hangup, it said hangup of descriptor value and after some time it said hangup on lot of descriptors

And to say , when it hanged during ctrl c , saying "waiting for threads to terminate", it was in futex wait in strace





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> Arunachalam Parthasarathy skrev, on 16-09-2007 10:35:


>> I am using openldap 2.3.36 and bdb 4.5.20


> Ok stuff. Updating OL will likely not help in this particular case.


I'd be curious to see a backtrace on the slapd process under gdb, if it was

built with debugging symbols.







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