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Re: Automatic referral chasing

Gavin Henry wrote:

>>> I will add the 'chain-return-error TRUE' as soon as it is available
>>> in the current 2.3 'stable' release ;-)
>> It's there since 2.3.33; only the man page slipped thru, sorry.
>> Probably because man page updates were not considered a priority in re23
>> as it's feature frozen, while this was indeed a new feature.
> Latest version of docs, with Jim's FAQ added:
>       http://suretec.org/our_docs/overlays.html#Chaining

Thanks Gavin.  Quick note: probably in this case
chain-idassert-authzFrom "*" is not appropriate, because the consumer
should only return referrals on write, and the above statement would
allow to chain anonymous modifications, which the provider will likely
reject.  Although this does not break security or anything like that, it
seems to add a needless round trip for a definitely incorrect operation,
unless someone explicitly allows anonymous modifications.  I wouldn't
put this in a (basic) example, though.


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