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Re: Automatic referral chasing

Thanks Pierangelo,

I will add the 'chain-return-error TRUE' as soon as it is available
in the current 2.3 'stable' release ;-)


On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 06:33:42PM +0200, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Jim Schultz wrote:
> >I will add this content to the OpenLdap software faq in order to contribute
> >at least a little bit to the documentation.
> The above sounds basically correct.  Perhaps you could coordinate with 
> Gavin in contributing it directly into the admin guide.  This topic 
> belongs to both replication and chaining, so I'd leave him any editing 
> choice.  I'd just add that you may want to add
> chain-return-error TRUE
> in fact, by default, if chaining fails, the original referral is 
> returned to the client, under the assumption that the client might want 
> to try different measures to reach its goal.  With this statement, if 
> chaining fails at the provider's side, the actual error is returned to 
> the client.

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