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Re: Automatic referral chasing

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

Some of the tests do run but some do not and I can't really understand the reason. I am using the rpms provided by Buchan on RHEL 3 U9. I can start slapd with any configuration which means (I think) that the binaries are fine.

Unless all the tests pass you have a duff product. Reading the test logs produced by tests that fail should help, but the log level is pretty high and needs some parsing.

That was probably intended, I never questioned the default loglevel of tests. Personally, I often run tests with SLAP_DEBUG set to the loglevel I prefer, usually just "stats". It helps pointing out real trouble, and then re-running with more verbose loglevel allows to get a deeper insight into issues. Unfortunately there's no level that's good for any test. In some cases, adding "stats2" may be important; in other cases, "config" is the real killer, as many small misconfigurations, which are valid for the parser but produce unintended results may slip in.


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