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Re: chaining question

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

"Doesn't work" means that I get tag=103 err=10 in the consumer log (loglevel 256), the client gets a referral. No clients on the consumer other than Samba tools understand this, so referrals aren't followed by them.


I tried to go to pains to point out that the second config stanzas *work*

I could feel your pain, but I just tried, and adding rebind as user stuff didn't alter the behavior I could experience: it worked for authenticated operations, and it didn't for anonymous, unless explicitly letting them thru as already explained.

It's no good telling me that chain-rebind-as-user is useless, when:

Useless in that context. It is useful when automatically chasing referrals, and when idassert is not used.

1: it's documented - though without an explanation - in SLAPO-CHAIN, and

I'll remove it from the examples, since it appears to cause more trouble than necessary.

2: it works ("works" means the referral from the slave is accepted and passed to the master, while a config without it doesn't).

Well, it doesn't here. I suspect the evil is in the details. You should provide producer and consumer slapd.conf, a minimal set of data and an example operation that shows the issue. Possibly thru the ITS, since if the behavior you complain abut is reproducible there's a bug.


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