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Re: Monitor the SyncRepl replication status


We use this with only slight modifications. Of course, the only time it has ever produced a meaningful notification has been for a few minutes following a fresh server install as changes made since the last slapcat replicate in. (And since that's an expected condition, it's of minimal interest to me on Nagios.)

I'll note that all of our syncrepl failures (which are zero as of late; run 2.3.38!) were much more insidious bugs that updated contextCSN because "they thought they worked."

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Bruno Lezoray EMSM wrote:

Hi all,

few months ago, i developed script to monitor slurpd replication, by
checking replication logs.
Now, we want to implement SyncRepl replication, and it looks more
complex to know a status of the replication.
Is someone already developed a tool  to do that ?

My first idea is to compare the contextCSN of the suffix entry between
the master and the slave.
I don't know if there is some specific logs that indicate the
replication is broken.

Any help is welcome.

Rgds, Bruno.