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Re: ldappasswd command line options

--On Tuesday, August 28, 2007 1:47 PM -0400 Rick Tautin <rtautin@coppolaenterprises.net> wrote:

I am trying to use the ldappasswd âs option to set a users password but
if I use certain characters i.e. '$&()  it won't run the command
because of the special characters, if I enclose the whole password in
double quotes it at least accepts the command but it doesn't change the
password correctly because I can't login using the new password.  If I
run the ldappasswd âS so it prompts and I manually enter the same
password it sets it correctly and I can then login with the new password.
What is the difference on how the âs and âS sets the password.  I
need to use the âs for a webpage that I have setting the password.
Thank you

I'd think in the first case (with -s) it is including the quotes as a part of the password. It is often inadvisable to use binaries in things like web pages. Why not use Net::LDAPapi or Net::LDAP (both perl) or PHP to do the password change?



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