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Re: slapd loses meta backends [auf Viren überprüft]

> Pierangelo Masarati schrieb:
>> No, it's not (to me, at least).  Updating could be an option, since
>> connection caching and handling was significantly improved 'round 2.3.30
>> or something.  If the problem persists, you should provide logs of what
>> is
>> actually done by slapd-meta(5) when it stops responding as expected.
>> Probably, any serious issue will be logged at "any" level, so there
>> should
>> be no need to increase the log level.  If nothing relevant appears, you
>> should increase the log level (without stopping the server, of course;
>> you
>> can do this either via back-config or back-monitor).
> What is the intended loglevel?

trace + args should give more than enough information.  That's what
libldap uses most, and slapd-meta(5) heavily uses libldap.

>> In any case, you can
>> also force connections to expire and refresh; see "conn-ttl" and
>> "idle-timeout" in slapd-meta(5).  They are complementary, so I suggest
>> using both.
> I think, I do this first. Any prefered values for these options?

It depends on how often you want/accept connections refreshed.  I'd put
something the order of a day for conn-ttl, and something the order of a
hour for idle-timeout, but YMMV.


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