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Re: slapd loses meta backends [auf Viren überprüft]

Pierangelo Masarati schrieb:

No, it's not (to me, at least). Updating could be an option, since
connection caching and handling was significantly improved 'round 2.3.30
or something. If the problem persists, you should provide logs of what is
actually done by slapd-meta(5) when it stops responding as expected. Probably, any serious issue will be logged at "any" level, so there should
be no need to increase the log level. If nothing relevant appears, you
should increase the log level (without stopping the server, of course; you
can do this either via back-config or back-monitor).
What is the intended loglevel?

In any case, you can
also force connections to expire and refresh; see "conn-ttl" and
"idle-timeout" in slapd-meta(5).  They are complementary, so I suggest
using both.
I think, I do this first. Any prefered values for these options?