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Re: High availability

Gavin Henry wrote:
Dmitriy Kirhlarov wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:

Two-node high availability support was in older 2.4 alpha releases. Current 2.4 releases support full N-way multimaster.

Very nice.


Could you please tell me how stable openldap-2.4 is and when "alpha" suffix is going to be removed from 2.4 branch? Thank you in advance.

There is a beta release planned soon.


I would like to make my request now more clear:

I want to have 2 master servers in a 2 node cluster (active/standby) using shared storage (irrelevant topic here) and 1 slave server. The 3 servers should be using the same IP address (using a layer 4 switch or IP load balancer). This IP address will be used in all ldap aware applications. In case one application tries to do a write operation and it hits the slave, the slave should redirect it to the master (which will have another IP address or URI different than the whole group IP address).

Is this possible, does it make any sense ?

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