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Re: High availability

On Thursday 16 August 2007 16:09:45 Taymour A. El Erian wrote:
> I would like to make my request now more clear:
> I want to have 2 master servers in a 2 node cluster (active/standby)
> using shared storage (irrelevant topic here) and 1 slave server. The 3
> servers should be using the same IP address (using a layer 4 switch or
> IP load balancer).

This is not active/standby then.

> This IP address will be used in all ldap aware 
> applications. In case one application tries to do a write operation and
> it hits the slave, the slave should redirect it to the master (which
> will have another IP address or URI different than the whole group IP
> address).
> Is this possible, does it make any sense ?

No, this does not make sense.

What may make sense would be:
-active/standby cluster with one published IP address
-load balancer using cluster IP and slave
-slave setup sanely with updateref set to hostname of clustered IP

Or, even better, 2 slaves load-balanced, active/standby cluster, updateref on 
both slaves pointing to hostname of clustered IP.

Or, load-balanced multi-master with 2.4.