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Re: High availability

Taymour A. El Erian wrote:

I have been searching for a long time to find a solution to give me high availability on the writing. We have 2 ldap servers running as multi master (I know it is not considered a good thing and it is very old 2.0.x), this way if one is down the other will accept writes (add/modify/delete). If we do the normal single master multiple slaves, we will get more performance and high availability for reads but if the master is down no updates. Also, we can not separate writes from reads and we can not use referrals (not all applications we have can chase referrals). I though of having a standby master and use heartbeat but it doesnt look like a stable solution, any ideas ? maybe shared disk ?

For openldap 2.{2,3}.x you can use ggated+gmirror+carp (on freebsd) or heartbeat + mirror with drdb (on linux). It should work.

For openldap 2.4 two-node multi-master solution declared, afaik, but currently 2.4 is alpha.