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RE: Problem changing passwords after import

Once I change the users password I can successfully do a ldapwhoami, so
I would assume that I am binding at that point.  I guess I am look on
how to proceed with users that have not had their passwords changed as
the manager.  Is there a different way that I should have imported them?

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Subject: Re: Problem changing passwords after import

Rick Tautin wrote:
> The directory is the only place that there is user information.  I
> all the entries out of the old password file and the only thing that
> in there are the local accounts.  So if it is not getting its
> credentials from the directory I don't know where it would be getting
> from.  Also when I stop the server I am unable to check mail or ftp to
> our servers.  

You're missing the crucial point that Unix services can authenticate
against an LDAP database without performing an LDAP Bind operation on
user. I.e., with sufficient privileges nss_ldap can just retrieve a
userPassword attribute and authenticate against it when it is stored in 
crypt(3) format, even if slapd doesn't itself support crypt (or the same

version of crypt).
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> Rick Tautin wrote:
>> That is where all the usernames and passwords are is in openldap, and
>> I am trying to use the ldappasswd command to change it.  If when I
>> complied openldap if enable-crypt was disabled would I even be able
>> to login to other servers that are authenticating back to openldap?
> How can you tell the other services bind to OpenLDAP if even
> can't?  I guess binding to OpenLDAP fails, and services fall back to
> file based data.  Please carefully check the logs of your server
> proceeding any further.  It seems clear, from the little info you
> posted, that basic authentication (LDAP simple bind) is not working
> the credentials you stored in your directory.

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