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RE: Problem changing passwords after import

Title: RE: Problem changing passwords after import

I guess I am not sure what you mean my portable, I was able to import all the users into ldap and they can successfully authenticate with those usernames and passwords.  Why then would just the manager account be able to change the password.  Is there away around this if they were all crypted with crypt(3)?

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Rick Tautin wrote:
> Yes the user initially has a password.  I used padl scripts to import
> all the users from a /etc/passwd file.  So everyones password is what
> it was when we were just using flat password files.

If those passwords were crypted using crypt(3), they might not be
portable.  This would explain your issue.

> Once I import
> the user I can ftp to a server with the username and password fine.
> So I know I am using the correct password. But it is when I go to
> change it as the user when I have the problem.  But like I said
> before once it is changed as the manager account, I can change it as
> the user.  Thanks again.


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