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Re: Problem changing passwords after import

Rick Tautin wrote:
ldapwhoami does not work until the password has been changed by manager. I meant that I can successfully pop mail, ftp to servers using the username and password before it has been changed by the manager account

Do you have a sample LDIF entry so we can see what the password format was before import?


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Rick Tautin wrote:
 > I guess I am not sure what you mean my portable,

I mean: crypt(3) is implementation dependent, so different
implementations (e.g. the one in libc and the one in openssl's
libcrypto) do not interoperate.

 > I was able to import
 > all the users into ldap and they can successfully authenticate with
 > those usernames and passwords.

You mean ldapwhoami works for those users __before__ you force the
password change using the manager identity?  If ldapwhoami does, then
ldappasswd must work as well.

 > Why then would just the manager
 > account be able to change the password.  Is there away around this if
 > they were all crypted with crypt(3)?

No straightforward manner.  You'll need to crack those passwords
(usually trivial with crypt(3)).