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Re: how to maintain OpenLDAP database ?

As noted by others, you can use slapcat or ldapsearch to perform nightly
backups. If using ldapsearch, be sure your ACLs allow a full dump,
including userPassword.

Also, be sure to put into place log monitoring for slapd (and possibly
slurpd if you are replicating) to watch for errors. We also like to do
routine and automated LDAP service checks via tools such as Big Brother.

How long have you been using OpenLDAP anyway?

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JOYDEEP wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am newbie in OpenLDAP. Prersently I am running an OpenLDAP as the
> authentication of Postfix+IMAP email server.
> How can I take backup and maintain the database of LDAP ? what are the
> commands ?
> I like to place the associated commands in a cron jobs.
> Please enlighten me. thanks