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Re: Serving multiple suffixes

It's not rare, but it's not entirely common. I think most people try to
manage a single DIT, although that's not always possible (e.g., because
of a merger and a slow migration process). Also, if you are an ISP or
LDAP service provide then obviously you will be managing multiple trees
for various clients. :)

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Dave Horsfall wrote:
> Just curious; are we the only ones on the planet (or at least, this 
> mailing list) using a single instance of SLAPD to serve multiple disparate 
> suffixes?
> To clarify, we serve (as separate physical directories in the Unix file 
> system etc) suffixes such as (redacted): dc=a,dc=b,dc=c, dc=x,dc=y,dc=z 
> etc.  To make matters worse, for political i.e. managerial reasons, some 
> suffixes must be completely unaware of the existance of others.
> Or is this more common than I thought?