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Re: how to maintain OpenLDAP database ?

Aaron Richton wrote:

Thanks Aaron
wish you a nice day !

> On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, JOYDEEP wrote:
>> Aaron Richton wrote:
>>> On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, Gabriel Stein wrote:
>>>> Hi Joy!
>>>> I suggest you to use slapcat, but its better stop the OpenLDAP. You
>>>> can make
>>>> a crontab task on midnight, or something like.
>>> This shouldn't be true in most production configurations (at least, as
>>> of 2.3.16ish or so, with bdb/hdb). This is the case with legacy
>>> configurations (e.g. ldbm), hence the documentation warning...
>> Yes Aaron I'm using "bdb" database.
>> I'm little confused here as Gabriel and matthew have suggested for
>> slapcat but u r not in favour for that in case of "bdb" database.
>> So what would be the solution ?
> I apologize; my context wasn't entirely clear, and I think Buchan
> already clarified to my intent. But to be explicit...slapcat is the
> recommended backup method. Stopping slapd first would not be my
> recommendation.
> slapcat, with a suitable backend (which one should read to be
> bdb/hdb), has always been designed to be safe to run hot.
> Historically, there have been occasional {b,h}db deadlock bugs (IMO
> most notably #4088/fixed 2.3.12) that got in the way of this design.
> Therefore, to run slapcat hot safely, upgrade to the latest 2.3 series
> first.
> I'd really wish this wouldn't be a statement of anything other than
> historical curiosity (keep in mind this was fixed in 2005), but
> experience with vendors and on this list proves otherwise. All the
> coded bug fixes in the world don't matter if they're not what you're
> actually executing.
> To touch on your other question, there is no regular care or feeding
> of slapd necessary in 2.3. If you use bdb/hdb, Sleepycat logs should
> be maintained. This has already been discussed (in this thread, even)
> so I will not revisit the subject.