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Re: how to maintain OpenLDAP database ?

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, JOYDEEP wrote:

Aaron Richton wrote:

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, Gabriel Stein wrote:

Hi Joy!

I suggest you to use slapcat, but its better stop the OpenLDAP. You
can make
a crontab task on midnight, or something like.

This shouldn't be true in most production configurations (at least, as of 2.3.16ish or so, with bdb/hdb). This is the case with legacy configurations (e.g. ldbm), hence the documentation warning...

Yes Aaron I'm using "bdb" database. I'm little confused here as Gabriel and matthew have suggested for slapcat but u r not in favour for that in case of "bdb" database. So what would be the solution ?

I apologize; my context wasn't entirely clear, and I think Buchan already clarified to my intent. But to be explicit...slapcat is the recommended backup method. Stopping slapd first would not be my recommendation.

slapcat, with a suitable backend (which one should read to be bdb/hdb), has always been designed to be safe to run hot. Historically, there have been occasional {b,h}db deadlock bugs (IMO most notably #4088/fixed 2.3.12) that got in the way of this design. Therefore, to run slapcat hot safely, upgrade to the latest 2.3 series first.

I'd really wish this wouldn't be a statement of anything other than historical curiosity (keep in mind this was fixed in 2005), but experience with vendors and on this list proves otherwise. All the coded bug fixes in the world don't matter if they're not what you're actually executing.

To touch on your other question, there is no regular care or feeding of slapd necessary in 2.3. If you use bdb/hdb, Sleepycat logs should be maintained. This has already been discussed (in this thread, even) so I will not revisit the subject.