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Re: how to maintain OpenLDAP database ?

Hi Joy!

I suggest you to use slapcat, but its better stop the OpenLDAP. You can make a crontab task on midnight, or something like.

A very simple example of shell script.


/etc/init.d/ldap stop

slapcat > /path/to/backup/backup_base.ldif
tar -zcf /path/to/backup/backup_ldap.tar.gz /etc/ldap /path/to/base

/etc/init.d/ldap start



On 7/11/07, JOYDEEP <j.bakshi@unlimitedmail.org> wrote:
Dear list,

I am newbie in OpenLDAP. Prersently I am running an OpenLDAP as the
authentication of Postfix+IMAP email server.
How can I take backup and maintain the database of LDAP ? what are the
commands ?
I like to place the associated commands in a cron jobs.
Please enlighten me. thanks

Gabriel Stein
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