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Re: using openldap as a translation layer.

"S James S Stapleton" <stapleton.41@osu.edu> writes:

> Disregard my last message, I must have downloaded the BDB only link by
> pure-and-utter-blondness last time.
> However, I am still getting the "overlay rwm not found" error. Google
> readings suggests I need to find a module for this. I'll look for a
> download for that soon (unless anyone knows of a good one off hand).

$ ./configure --help | less

SLAPD Overlay Options:
[... ]
    --enable-rwm          Rewrite/Remap overlay no|yes|mod [no]


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung

Yes I tried that, but it's not compiling. My other mail to the list describes the reason (missing an include - ltdl.h). I don't know what package/app that include is supposed to come with, and just downloading it seems like a bad idea because it probably relies on other in said packag.

Anyone here have experience compiling in MinGW?

Thank you,
-Jim Stapleton