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Re: Problem with connections: closed (connection lost)

On 7/9/07, Angel L. Mateo <amateo@um.es> wrote:

        After some tests with openldap, we have studied the only difference
between production and new servers: the new ones are installed as a vm
in a xen virtualized server. So we have installed a new server (as a
real server, without xen) and it seems to work with the production load.
So we are thinking now that it could be a network performance problem
related with xen (although we have other heavily load servers running
under xen without any apparent problem).

Actually, I'm not sure if this xen stuff was ever resolved:

I'd be interested in an update on any other xen experiences people
have had.  (you didn't mention if you were using linux, netbsd, or
some other xen-support arch)