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Re: Unable to locat TLS libs - help needed

Aviator LDap wrote:
I am struggling with a very basic error. While running the configure script of OpenLDAP 2.3.33, I am getting the following Warning message
*configure: WARNING: Could not locate TLS/SSL package
configure: WARNING: TLS data protection not supported!*

If you definitely want TLS, you can run configure with the --with-tls option. That way configure will fail instead of just giving you a warning.

Can anybody help me to locat what could be going wrong. I am executing the script in Suse Linux.
I am totally struck with this.

Look closely in the config.log file generated by configure to see where the failure occurs. Lines that begin with "Checking for..." are of interest when followed by lines about failures.

Finally, I'll mention that last week I was getting a failure that looked the same up to what you describe. The issue was actually that I had compiled dso support into my own OpenSSL install (an OpenSSL configure default), which would require dynamic library support for the OpenLDAP build. I rebuilt OpenSSL with the no-dso option and then OpenLDAP built fine.

Jon Roberts