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multi-value attribute search result

using openldap 2.3.35.

When I do a search for some attribute like "cn=foobar", and in set of 
attributes which are to be returned per-entry is "cn" attribute, all its 
values are returned.

however, when I search with "cn=foo*", and entry has multiple
"cn" values, like 


- is it possible to have "cn" returned, but only these values,
which actually matched the filter ? Or, is it possible
to find out how many values of "cn" in particular entry, matched?
While doing such search in some specified case, I'm interested
only with values "cn=foo", "cn=foobar" and "cn=foobarX", I do not
care what are other "cn" values, nor even there are other values
of "cn" which didn't match, or not. Such feature seems complicated,
because filter actually may be build with many attributes,
 - and only if some of them are specified in return attributes, the
matching values should be returned .