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Re: multi-value attribute search result

Piotr Wadas wrote:
> Hello,
> using openldap 2.3.35.
> When I do a search for some attribute like "cn=foobar", and in set of 
> attributes which are to be returned per-entry is "cn" attribute, all its 
> values are returned.
> however, when I search with "cn=foo*", and entry has multiple
> "cn" values, like 
> "cn=foo",
> "cn=joe", 
> "cn=foobar", 
> "cn=foobarX", 
> "cn=bob", 
> "cn=nofoobar"
> - is it possible to have "cn" returned, but only these values,
> which actually matched the filter ?

Yes.  Use RFC 3876 control.  E.g.

$ ldapsearch -E mv="(cn=foo*)"

> Or, is it possible
> to find out how many values of "cn" in particular entry, matched?

Dunno.  But you can count the values returned by the above search

> While doing such search in some specified case, I'm interested
> only with values "cn=foo", "cn=foobar" and "cn=foobarX", I do not
> care what are other "cn" values, nor even there are other values
> of "cn" which didn't match, or not. Such feature seems complicated,
> because filter actually may be build with many attributes,
>  - and only if some of them are specified in return attributes, the
> matching values should be returned .


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