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Re: regarding backsql performance

This is so loaded. Postgresql is entirely configurable and in the long run, when you're dealing with hundred's of thousands of records, postgresql is going to out perform any local text based db file.

If you're postgresql database system is configured correctly you'll see no difference with small amounts of records between the two methods, it's when your data becomes significantly large, that postgresql will blow away the local db file.

On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

Why , when we use the back-sql , the search performance reduces.

Compared to back-bdb/back-hdb? Because SQL databases can't hold a candle to the performance you get via these backends. They are just faster.

Is it because , all operations to database is through odbc manager

No. And the ODBC manager has little to no effect on performance. Your specific ODBC driver does, so it depends on the quality and version of your ODBC driver. And you should check that the queries back-sql is generated aren't just slow. Capture then and use EXPLAIN (or your databases equivalent) to analyze performance [as with any database application that seems too slow].

Can I get some more details regarding the above?

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