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Re: Attribute Uniqueness

Robert Klopotoski, Jr. wrote:
How do I configure slapd(8) to prevent two objects in the database
from having the same value in a particular attribute?  That is, how do
I configure slapd(8) ensure that values of a particular attribute are
unique throughout the database?

man slapo-unique
I have read the man page on slapo-unique, and have the following in my slapd.conf:

overlay unique
unique_base "dc=myorg,dc=edu"
unique_attributes maillocaladdress,mail

When I try to start the daemon, I get the following error:

line 140 (overlay unique )
overlay "unique" not found

What am I missing? Do I have to install the overlay from source, or is it something built in?

According to configure in the latest version of OpenLDAP, the only overlay enabled by default is syncprov. Run configure with either the --enable-unique or the --enable-overlays option and the unique overlay (or all overlays) should be available in the consequent build.

Jon Roberts