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Re: TLS bare minimum

You can use the "openssl s_client" command to test SSL/TLS and view the certificates. Once you know that's working, you can then use "tcpdump" to examine the packets on the wire to make sure your LDAP session is encrypted.

On Jun 5, 2007, at 12:08 PM, West, Jon (NIH/NIMH) [C] wrote:

I would like to set up TLS on our server. Looking through the Administration guide, I am unsure if I need both server AND client certificates. As I understand it I am supposed to first see if I can use the command line tools to establish the TLS connection then attempt to set up a client. So I have created a server certificate. I would like to do this with a test system. The test server is running 2.0.27-22 and our actual server runs 2.2.13-6.4E.. How can I be sure that I am getting an encrypted connection. I am also unsure of how to use LDAP search since whenever I do use it I get errors but when I verify the contents of our directory with other software I can see the things I’m looking for. Again this is a question about LDAPsearch, not the other software. I have a user called tester in my  dc=test,dc=com test server (Is it a problem that I use test.com when the machine is not on that domain?) what would be the command to get the LDAP information about tester?

Jon West


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