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TLS bare minimum

I would like to set up TLS on our server. Looking through the Administration guide, I am unsure if I need both server AND client certificates. As I understand it I am supposed to first see if I can use the command line tools to establish the TLS connection then attempt to set up a client. So I have created a server certificate. I would like to do this with a test system. The test server is running 2.0.27-22 and our actual server runs 2.2.13-6.4E.. How can I be sure that I am getting an encrypted connection. I am also unsure of how to use LDAP search since whenever I do use it I get errors but when I verify the contents of our directory with other software I can see the things I’m looking for. Again this is a question about LDAPsearch, not the other software. I have a user called tester in my  dc=test,dc=com test server (Is it a problem that I use test.com when the machine is not on that domain?) what would be the command to get the LDAP information about tester?

Jon West