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Re: backend relay with empty suffix

Nikos Voutsinas wrote:

The manageDSAit control (2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.2) seems to be the key to the issue you're facing; in fact, when selecting the appropriate database, if a request is done with the local suffix select_backend() fails when manageDSAit is set. I don't quite understand this, but it results in selecting the only remaining database that matches the request DN, namely the "" database. The offending code is

    if( manageDSAit && len == dnlen &&
        !SLAP_GLUE_SUBORDINATE( be ) ) {

in backend.c; to me, it looks a bit obscure.

This one sounds quite different from #4958 and rather irrelevant. Would you like me to file another ITS for this?

Yes, please.


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