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Re: backend relay with empty suffix

> Please keep replies on the list.
> Nikos Voutsinas wrote:
>> Indeed, a plain command line ldapseach with objectclass=*, works for me
>> too.
>> Only with LDAP_Studio (an ldap browser written in java) I get this type
>> of
>> behavior, and I would normally ignore it, but it still troubles me
>> because
>> of the segfaults I am getting when ever I am trying to browse the real
>> naming context with this client. This makes me think that sth goes wrong
>> either with my config or slapd.
> If the problem only appears with a specific client, I suggest you try to
> single out what that client is doing differently from command-line
> tools, starting from the server logs at "stats" level to check the
> sequence of operations (if they're meaningless to you, you can post them
> to the list).  Please restrict logs to what's strictly required.  Only
> if nothing relevant appears, you might need to make the logs more
> verbose, e.g. by adding "args" and "trace".

Please note, that it is the slapd which segfaults and not the client. This
shouldn't have happened no matter what the client is doing.

With the relay,massage combination, slapd ends up looking for a non-existent
db key (only when searching is done through the real naming context) and
with the overlay,suffixmassage combination slapd seagfaults.

So, if the usage of "overlay,suffixmassage", instead of the "relay <>
massage", is "legal" and if there isnt anything obviously wrong in the rest
of the configuration, I might even start with debugging the segmentation
fault on slapd