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Re: cn=schema,cn=config schema insertion

---- Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:
> Eric Irrgang wrote:
> > My impression was that the ordered elements in cn=config were supposed
> > to get dynamically updated such that adding an entry with a specific
> > cn={number}commonname... would cause the entries of 'number' and higher
> > to be incremented.  Is that correct?
> > 
> > In openldap 2.3.34, when I ldapadd
> > cn={14}customschemaC,cn=schema,cn=config, the
> > cn={14}customschemaB,cn=schema,cn=config entry is not renumbered.  Is
> > that appropriate?  Is that okay or likely to break something?  Has this
> > been fixed or should I file an ITS?
> Back-config does not implement sibling renaming.  You're not supposed to
> modify schema items in 2.3, AFAIK; only add them.  Renaming (even
> indirectly) should be considered modifying right now.  So: yes, it's a
> missing feature, but it's known (and I think it's documented, although
> I'm unable to point you to the right docs right now).

It is implemented in 2.4. The changes will not be backported to 2.3.

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