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acl entry causes segfault

Hi list!

i am using OpenLDAP 2.3.34-5.2 on a SLES10 server.
in my LDAP database i am using the attribute "description" in some cases to store information which i do not want to be readable by everyone. to prevent it for all users but "admin" is use the following acl entry in slapd.conf:
---- slapd.conf
access to attrs=description
by dn="cn=Admin,o=test" write
by group.exact="cn=Admingroup,ou=ACL,o=test" write
by * none
---- slapd.conf
this works but denies access to all but admin and members of group admingroup.

the i tried to set the following acl which should only deny access to the description field in a subtree:
---- slapd.conf
access to dn.subtree="ou=people,o=test" attrs=description
by dn="cn=Admin,o=test" write
by group.exact="cn=Admingroup,o=test" write
by * none
---- slapd.conf

this leads to a segmentation fault, the last lines of the debug output is:
--- slapd -d 65535
config_build_entry: "cn={9}misc"
config_build_entry: "olcDatabase={-1}frontend"
Segmentation fault
so i obviously am doing something very wrong!

how can i allow or deny access to some attributes in a specific subtree?

thanks in advance for any hints!


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