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Re: using openldap as a translation layer.

S James S Stapleton wrote:
ok, a couple more quick questions, as I'm reading further through the man pages...

(1) do I need to set up a root dn for the server since it's only a passthrough anyway?

No, you don't

(2) I suspect I'm missing something, but I'd like to block any incoming ldap connections not from a specific host (most likely localhost). I couldn't really tell how to do this from the ldap.access page.

start the server so that it only listens on the loopback interface? e.g.

$ slapd -h ldap://localhost

(3) I haven't gotten far enough to know for sure, since ldap requires that the scheme be published (at least, according to LDAP Directories Explained, by T Howes), can I have OpenLDAP use the published scheme from the server it's connecting to, and not worry about setting up a local scheme?

With OpenLDAP code you can't. Sysnet developed a module that allows to query a remote server at startup, and optionally to refresh the query periodically, so that the local schema is sync'ed. This module has never been released as it is experimental; you may write something similar (and simpler) yourself. Something similar was also posted some time ago in the contrib ITS, but I coulndn't locate it right now.


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