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Re: using openldap as a translation layer.

S James S Stapleton wrote:
> Mine would definetly be the second method you described (I don't know
> what hte main LDAP server is running, and I can't touch its settings
> even if I knew)


> Thes given instructions (copied below) go in the slapd.config, and
> everything else therein is removed?

Not everything.  Let's say what's below is the minimal database setup to
have a working proxy, but you'll need to load the schema at least, and
add little more configuration before getting to the database section.

If you start from the example slapd.conf provided with OpenLDAP, you'd
have to replace everything from "database bdb" on with the suggested
directives.  Then, you'll probably have to deal with security, e.g.
using TLS to protect simple bind and so on.  Make sure you read the
Admin Guide and the related man pages for those rather generic tasks.


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