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Re: Build error 2.3.35 on Debian

Svend Sorensen wrote:
On 4/18/07, Lesley Walker wrote:
I'm getting this error when I run "make depend":

cd slapi; make -w depend
make[3]: Entering directory
../../../build/mkdep -l -d "." -c "cc" -m "-M" -I../../../include -I..
-I. -I../../../include -I./.. -I. plugin.c slapi_pblock.c
slapi_utils.c printmsg.c slapi_ops.c slapi_dn.c slapi_ext.c slapi_overlay.c
plugin.c:32:18: ltdl.h: No such file or directory
make[3]: Leaving directory

ltdl.h is in the Debian package libltdl3-dev.

The point is: in plugin.c ltdl.h is not protected by #ifdef HAVE_LTDL_H essentially because that file is not supposed to be even allowed to be built if ltdl build infrastructure is not available (plugins require it to be loaded). I believe this is harmless.


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