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Re: SyncRepl on Request?

Hadmut Danisch wrote:

I'd like to use SyncReplication on some Notebooks with local ldap
servers to be updated whenever they connect to the Home LAN.

Unfortunately, the syncrepl directive uses a fixed time interval.

I would need a way to run the replication on request and only on
request, i.e.

- run when the notebook is connected to the home lan, whatever

- do not run when the notebook is not connected to the home lan

The best way would be to run replication only when triggered through an external command.

Any way to achieve that?

Hm, I can't think of anything that will allow this in the current code. But it sounds like a good idea, you should file an enhancement request in the ITS.

One way to do this right now would be to setup a 2nd slapd that uses back-ldap to talk to the local replica, and uses syncrepl to talk to the master. Then your "external command" should simply start this 2nd slapd when the LAN is available, and kill it when the LAN is disconnected.
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