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Re: syncrepl updates from consumer

John Drescher said the following on 06/03/07 18:53:
>> syncrepl needs no updatedn, and what you report above is the expected
>> behavior.
> So with syncrepl there is no way to do consumer updates?
>> Did you happen to read the admin guide or slapd.conf(5) about
>> sync replication?
> Yes, I read both several times this morning. Its definitely not the
> easiest documentation to read - too much detail on the protocol/design
> and very little info on the usage and configuration. After reading
> both I could not find an answer to my question. And after trying and
> failing I did a few google searches that led to conflicting results
> and more suggestions that did not work.

This is something we will be addressing in ongoing documentation re-works.


> Thanks,
> John

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