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Re: syncrepl updates from consumer

John Drescher wrote:
>> syncrepl needs no updatedn, and what you report above is the expected
>> behavior.
> So with syncrepl there is no way to do consumer updates?
>> Did you happen to read the admin guide or slapd.conf(5) about
>> sync replication?
> Yes, I read both several times this morning. Its definitely not the
> easiest documentation to read - too much detail on the protocol/design
> and very little info on the usage and configuration. After reading
> both I could not find an answer to my question. And after trying and
> failing I did a few google searches that led to conflicting results
> and more suggestions that did not work.

In any case, with currently released code there is no way to update the
consumer.  One thing you can do is to add a global instance of
slapo-chain which redirects writes to the producer.  To the client, it
will appear like updating the consumer (but updates will get to the
consumer later, possibly after the client got a successful response, so
immediate reads could not see the modifications in place yet).

Example configuration is produced by running test007 and test018 (look
at "overlay chain" in the consumer's slapd.conf).

OpenLDAP 2.4 will allow mirror mode setups which means that multiple
servers will simultaneously act as masters.  But that's not released yet.


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