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Re: reg OIDs..plzzz help!!!

shilpa muramkar wrote:
> As it goes...to import my data into OpenLdap server, i need to create a
> schema file of my own, add the required attributes and ObjectClasses into
> it... include the schema file into the "slapd.conf" and then create my ldif
> file and run it.
> ...as i have seen in other schema files of OpenLdap, every Attribute and
> ObjectClass have OIDs.
> We, in our schema file for our previous Directory Server,have just created
> the OIDs as "attributename-oid" or "ObjectClassname-oid" and i am using the
> same here. Hence as a result of which, my schema file,though included in "
> slapd.conf",isnt being referred by the server (thats what i think, correct
> me if i am wrong!!).
> So can i conclude that all this chaos is caused due to the lack of OIDs??
> And as a final step i have put a request to "IANA" for a private OID, after
> getting which i would create a new schema file and proceed.
> not......Kindly
> help me out for doing the same!!!!!!!!!!

OpenLDAP, according to RFC4512, requires schema items to have a clearly
defined OID.  Other implementations may do well without it, but that's
their business.  In OpenLDAP, OIDs can be dealt with using OID macros
(see objectidentifier in slapd.conf(5)), to make OID look more
meaningful, but this has nothing to do with having strings instead of
OIDs: a macro can be all or a portion of an OID, but it must resolve to
an OID in any case.  To obtain and use your own OID follow instructions
at <http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/391.html>.  Please make sure
you carefully understand that FAQ entry.


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